Commusoft Job Management Software

The all-in-one system that helps you grow your business

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Works on PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones


Commusoft stores all your customers’ information in a single database and allows you to manage records efficiently.

Estimate Parts

Save time, save money: Commusoft’s innovative estimate parts system lets you request the latest part prices from a selection of suppliers for your jobs.


Organise your staff with a digital calendar. Commusoft’s scheduling feature makes booking and rearranging jobs fast and easy.

Service Reminders

Service reminders are an ideal way to generate return business after an installation. Create effective service reminders with personalised templates in Commusoft.

Commusoft Keeps Your Team Connected

Everything in Sync, Instantly

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Know everything about who's calling you
When you know who's calling, you can send the best technician for the job...and keep all the job history in your online database.
Dispatch and track jobs
Commusoft makes it easy: Drag and drop jobs with the scheduling tool, keep track of outstanding work, re-book appointments, and send real-time notifications to your technicians.
Stay in touch with your customers
Send digital reminders and job confirmations, get quotes accepted online, send digital invoices, and measure your customer satisfaction with Commusoft's after-sales care feature.
Increase your business performance
What gets measured gets improved. Use Commusoft's reporting tool to measure profit per job, time on site, and first-time fix rate.
Make your engineers look like a pro
Increase jobs done per day and the number of jobs completed first time.
Create custom digital forms
Reduce your reliance on paperwork and overtime work per week by two.
Offline mobile app
Access information on-site, even when you are offline and sync everything later.
Invoice on site
Your property maintenance software will notify your office staff the moment a job is complete, which means they can get to work right away on preparing and sending invoices.

Go paperless and get more jobs every day

Powerful job management software

In the office

Manage your customer database

Commusoft property management software has an incredible customer management database that lets you store and manage:

  • Customers’ historic data
  • Company, estate agent, and tenant information
  • Appliances (including make, model, serial number, and more)
  • Customer database: Organise and manage your customer database with the Commusoft CRM system.
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Automatically send digital service reminders

Automated service reminder software helps you to keep in touch with your customers:

  • Send service reminder emails, SMS, and letters when a service is due
  • Track which reminders have and haven’t been completed
  • Service reminders: Create and schedule service reminders to encourage customers to book jobs with your field service business
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Save time and money with Commusoft’s innovative estimate parts system

Request the most up-to-date part prices from a selection of suppliers for your jobs. You can then include those parts with your estimates, and apply a markup to ensure profitability. Including parts (and accurate prices for those parts) in your estimates makes a great impression on customers—and helps you win more business.

  • Parts management: Organise and manage your parts with parts management software.
  • Estimates: Increase the number of jobs you book with paperless estimates.
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On the road

Track jobs, parts, and field service technicians in real-time

Managing jobs both big and small is easy with Commusoft’s property management software:

  • Send everything your technicians need right to their mobile devices, creating a paperless experience for your customers
  • See which parts are being used as your technicians use them
  • Check the job status and any remedial work required
  • Job management: Increase efficiency and profitability with job management software that organises and streamlines your field service business.
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Manage technicians' calendar with Commusoft's powerful scheduling tool

Field service scheduling is an incredibly simple feature that lets you:

  • Rearrange  jobs more quickly and easily with the drag-and-drop tool
  • Automatically sync schedule updates to your technicians’ calendars
  • Keep track of your technicians in the field in real-time
  • Diary management: View your team's diaries by day, week or month and schedule new jobs and events in seconds.
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On the road

Manage technicians in the field from your mobile, both online and off

Whether you’re an owner, manager or technician, Commusoft property management software makes it possible for you to manage your jobs, and your business, from any iOS or Android device—with almost all of the functionality of the computer-based app.

  • Control and access multiple technicians calendars on tablet devices
  • Access to estimates and jobs while on the move
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On the road

Complete digital checklists and capture customers' signatures on site

Fill, sign, and send: Complete custom checklists on site from a phone or tablet, and capture customers’ and technicians’ signatures using Commusoft’s field service app.

  • Checklists: Checklists designed especially for field service businesses, customised for your needs.
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Create invoices on-site and sync back to the office in real time
On the road

Create and send invoices faster—and improve your cash flow

Get paid faster: Easy-to-use invoicing lets you or your field technicians complete jobs from the office or on site. Print or email invoices quickly, reducing delays and improving cash flow.

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Manage suppliers and purchase orders

Build and manage a full, intuitive supplier database so you can keep all your suppliers in one place. With Commusoft’s simple workflow, you can automatically generate a new PO by converting existing parts from a job, or start fresh with a blank form. Once complete, it’s converted into a branded PDF ready to be emailed (or printed and posted).

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Know how your business is performing with robust reporting

Having access to clear, accurate reporting helps you make informed choices about the direction and management of your field service company. With Commusoft’s comprehensive reporting feature, you’ll see a full overview of the status of every facet of your business. Get an in-depth look at engineer performance, profits, expenses, and more.

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