Flexible Solutions, for Every Sized Business

Whether you're a small-medium business or an enterprise, Commusoft can provide a solution perfect for your business that scales with your growth


per user per month
(min. 2 users on a 12 months contract)

Small-sized Business

Monthly Plan

Training: 2500‎‏د.إ‎

Our basic all-in-one job management system.

  • A powerful customer database
  • Job and estimate management
  • Engineer diaries
  • Invoicing and payment tracking
  • Asset management
  • Deploy jobs to engineers' smartphones
  • Mobile app
  • 1GB of storage for attached files


per user per month
(min. 2 users on a 12 months contract)

A Paperless Office

Monthly Plan

Training: 4500‎‏د.إ‎

Go fully paperless with advanced job management tools.

  • Everything from the Small-sized Business plan
  • Supplier database and purchase orders
  • Contracts and PPM
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Online customer portals
  • Job costing and profit reporting
  • Telephone support
  • 50GB of storage for attached files

Optional Add On

  • Stock Control

    50‏د.إ‎ per user per month
    Training: 2000‏د.إ‎ *

Most popular solution


per user per month
(min. 2 users on a 12 months contract)


Monthly Plan

Training: 9000‎‏د.إ‎

Drastically reduce admin and drive efficiency with automation.

  • Everything from the Paperless Office plan
  • Intelligent scheduling suggests the most efficient appointments at the time of booking
  • Mass schedule large quantities of jobs at once
  • Multi-location stock control system
  • Custom asset classes and structures
  • SLAs and advanced contract management
  • Manage employee shift patterns to maximise efficiency
  • Automatically read and import supplier invoices
  • 100GB of attached file storage


per user per month
(min. 20 users on a 12 months contract)


Monthly Plan

Training: POA‎‏د.إ‎

Focus on enterprise-level security and accountability.

  • Everything in the Automation plan
  • Advanced custom security
  • Enterprise-grade audits
  • Custom SLA
  • Powerful APIs to integrate core business systems and processes seamlessly into Commusoft
  • A dedicated account manager to give you a single point of contact
  • 200GB of storage for attached files
Package Comparison

Training and Support

Our experienced and dedicated team are here to provide you with the training and support needed to get the most of Commusoft. From initial training and setup to refresher training and day-to-day support, our friendly client service reps will get you on the right foot whilst teaching best practices and efficient workflows.

We're here to drive your business's success!

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Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Go further than simple GPS systems, with vehicle tracking software that links engineer tracking data with your diary, scheduling tools, and job information. For users on our Paperless Office plan and above, all of the tracking software is included - simply purchase a dedicated tracker from us for each vehicle.

Prices start from 300‏ د.إper tracker.

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Commusoft real-time vehicle tracking software

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contract length?

All of our plans are based on 12-month contracts initially, which are billed monthly. After 12 months, this turns into a monthly rolling agreement.

Can we mix and match plans?

No - our plans are carefully designed to offer value to different sized businesses and cannot be changed.

How do I pay and when will I be billed?

All accounts are set up with a direct debit and are billed monthly on the 1st of each month. All prices shown do not include VAT.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer multiple-user discounts on accounts with more than 100 users.

What is a user? Are my engineers users?

All office staff, managers and engineers are users. These people will have their own login details and will appear on the diary for you to schedule in jobs or appointments for them. There is no limit on the number of users the software can support.

How is the training done?

Standard training is done online and over the phone with our Client Services team.

Why do you charge for training?

We have a commitment to you, to ensure you are trained on the system that will be the backbone of your business. During your training with us, you will be guided on your integrations, get comfortable with the workflow, from adding customers through to invoicing and also practice certain tasks with your dedicated trainer.

Do I need to manually sync data from mobile to desktop?

Everything is synced in real time so all your devices are kept up to date.

Can I upgrade?

Yes, if you choose to upgrade to a different plan you will sign a new 12-month contract for that plan. If you are within your original 12-month contract then upgrade training is required to cover the additional features. For example, if you upgrade from the Small Business plan to A Paperless Office - training is ‎‏د.إ‎1500. If you are outside of your 12-month contract when you upgrade, then training is optional.

Can I import my data into Commusoft?

You can import every one of your customers, and their work addresses into Commusoft. All you need is the data in an Excel/CSV file and with the correct columns, which our client services team can assist you with.

What is the cost of your vehicle tracking?

The feature is included with our Paperless Office plan and above so there is no monthly extra fee. However, there is a cost to purchase the GPS trackers from us, which varies depending on the quantity you purchase.

1 = ‎‏د.إ‎ 350
2-5 = ‎‏د.إ‎ 325 / device
6+ = ‎‏د.إ‎ 300 / device

Each device requires a SIM card, which comes installed by Commusoft for an additional charge. It will be your responsibility to maintain the required data on the sim cards.

Which countries do you support?

Commusoft currently supports companies working out of the UK, US, and UAE.