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Team & Values

We have grown as a result of our energy and dedication. We come from different backgrounds in IT, development, sales, marketing, and design. Our goal is to simplify your job management through Commusoft software to build the best user experience. Our development team takes the view that “the best is still not good enough”, updating the software every week and fixing any bug that appears.



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Commusoft are based at Mitre Passage, London
Commusoft is based at Mitre Passage, London

“…the best is still not good enough”

We are on a path of continuous improvement. We work closely with our clients to understand their changing work environment, explore their feedback and look at the opportunities presented by new technology. Based on all of these considerations, we make Commusoft applications even better. Commusoft is a growing company. It’s evolving every day with new people, new ideas and new clients. Nevertheless, we always adhere to the following core principles:

Going beyond clients’ expectations

Commusoft has a very low customer churn rate. We attribute this to an incredible client services team. Going beyond clients’ expectations not only means we get things done for them, it gives our customers a competitive advantage.

Quality is paramount

Our commitment to quality, both in our products and in the service we provide, ensures that our clients consistently get good results. It is therefore vitally important to us that every client service ticket is looked at immediately, before we leave the office and that every bug is squashed as quickly as possible.

Design led

It’s critical to be focused around the users we’re working for, both in terms of adapting our service around changing clients’ needs and focusing on their needs before building or improving the product. A customer-centred design process is key to everything we do.

The Commusoft Story

Commusoft's mission and vision has been at our core from the start

Our Mission


Commusoft’s mission is to help businesses in the service industry to become more successful, with a keen focus on plumbers, heating engineers, renewable engineers, electricians, oil technicians and builders. These companies face similar challenges – ironically, often the consequence of their growth and success:

  • Losing track of customers
  • Losing potential income when they forget to send out reminders
  • Missing jobs because engineers’ diaries are out of sync
  • Losing track of time spent and parts used onsite because engineers did not fill in job sheets (or did not fill them in accurately)
  • Losing job sheets or certificates

Our software resolves all of these problems with an all-in-one app that helps company owners, managers, engineers and office support staff in their journey and their day-to-day activity.

Commusoft’s core features include an integrated diary, customer database, job management, estimates, certificates, service reminders, invoicing, payment tracking and financial reporting. It runs on mobile devices as well as computers, enabling engineers to store pictures taken onsite and to capture customer signatures electronically.

Our Vision

Commusoft is a customer-centric company. With more than 10 years of experience, we believe in long-term customer relationships. Our success is not only based on the quality of our software but also the care we provide, day-in, day-out, to our clients.We offer a full client support through on-boarding, training, an online knowledge base and help via email and a telephone hotline.
So it should be no surprise that we acquire 70% of our new customers through recommendations and referrals from existing customers.

More than 700 companies trust Commusoft, 5500 clients use it daily. Our partners, such as system integrators, also recommend Commusoft on their websites.Commusoft is a growing company. It’s evolving every day with new people, new ideas and new clients.

Our clients’ input and suggestions help us to build the best software for them
The latest version of our product has been designed with help from our clients. We looked at all of their requests for new features request and identified their top priorities for implementation. Then, before we launched the latest version commercially, we asked our most longstanding clients to test the beta version and provide feedback on how the new features could be further improved.
At Commusoft we believe in our clients and that is why they trust Commusoft.

History of Commusoft

History of CommusoftCommusoft was founded ten years ago by Jason Morjaria. He recalls, “I was approached to build a system for plumbing and heating company by a friend of a friend. His company had an old DOS-based system which they had built themselves, and it was failing fast. After some conversations, the project interested me, and I started work.”

Jason spent more than a year talking about the challenges faced by a plumbing and heating company and thinking about the features such a company needed. After 12 months of working part-time between his studies, Jason finished Commusoft Version 1. But at the same time the company he was building it for had broken up and the directors had gone. “I was left with a 90% completed app and no users!” But Jason was convinced that the solution he had built was unique. He therefore decided to contact local companies. He found the names and addresses of 100 companies in London and wrote 100 letters. One of those companies replied and asked Jason to come and visit them at their office. After an hour’s meeting, they were sold on the system and became Commusoft’s first paying client.

They are still using the system ten years later.

Since that day Commusoft has hired and worked with hundreds of people on both a permanent and contract basis. The first significant person was Raja, who now is Commusoft CTO. This was in 2006.
Commusoft rapidly became the UK’s leading all-in-one business-to-business job management software designed explicitly for plumbing companies. It is now used and trusted by more than 700 service organisations and has its headquarters in the high-tech environment in North Greenwich, London.