Skills management allows you to find the technicians with the right skills for the job

With Commusoft's skills system, you can assign skills to your engineers and to the jobs they complete. When booking in a job with a skill requirement you can easily filter engineers within the diary and quickly find the appropriate technicians for the job.

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Skills feature

Skills management is designed to save you time when booking in jobs and ensure you are sending out the best technician to tackle that job.

The right technician for the job

Quickly find the best technician

Filter by skills to find which technician has the training or speciality needed to complete that type of job. If it's a plumbing job, Commusoft will only show you plumbing technicians when booking it into the diary.

Get a better overview of your employees

Your technicians have a range of skills, but they're not all the same. With our simple interface you can create a record of who can do what, who has specialist training and more.

No need to remember everything

No longer rely on your memory alone. With our skills management system, Commusoft remembers all the details of your engineers' skills.

Add skills

Skills are defined by you

Commusoft allows you to add skills to the system, as defined by you, these can be as broad or specific as needed for your line of work. Do you employ technicians with expertise in different industry areas such as HVAC or electrical? Perhaps some employees are trained to work on certain types of appliances or have specialised knowledge needed to complete a job. You can then assign these skills to the technician’s profile.

Not all jobs require the same skills

Set default skills for specific types of job, allowing everyone to know exactly what is needed to complete the job. You can also add a skill on-the-fly if it isn’t your standard job and requires something special.

See which technicians have the know-how for the job

When booking in a job, the diary will automatically filter to only show you technicians who match those skills. Don’t waste time trying to remember what different skills your technician have and don’t risk sending someone who can’t complete the task. You can also access this filter anytime from the diary view and select to filter by any combination of skills you have added to Commusoft.

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