Shift patterns

Not every engineer works 9-5, Monday to Friday, which is why you can create unique shift patterns for your users in Commusoft. Emergency, evening, and weekend call outs are common too, so you can create and track overtime work to gain accurate insight into labour costs.

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Manage shifts for all your users

Shift patterns which are natively tied into your diary provide office staff with key information to book jobs more effectively, allowing them to see when engineers would be available, unavailable, or in an overtime shift.

Shift patterns as unique as your engineers

Customisable shift patterns

Create a shift pattern, choosing when engineers are available for work, unavailable, or in an overtime shift. Overtime shifts have an overtime rate assigned, so you can more accurately stay on top of labour costs.

Track overtime costs

Overtime rates can be automatically factored into the job costing for any type of work. This provides more accurate costing data, ensuring customers are invoiced for the appropriate labour costs.

Different users, different shifts

Customise and set up as many shift patterns as needed. Have an engineer that only works mornings? Not a problem. Senior staff have different overtime rates? Not a problem, our comprehensive shifts system can do it all.

Create shift patterns for your engineers

Shifts are defined by you, for your engineers

Field service professionals don’t all work the same shifts, which is why Commusoft allows you to create as many shift patterns as you need for your staff. It’s easy to set the availability and overtime periods for each day and to update these as and when needed. You can even set multiple overtime rates, ensuring you cover all eventualities. Simply assign a shift pattern to an engineer and you are ready to roll.

Overtime done properly

It’s important to factor overtime labour into a job’s overall costs. If a client needed work completing late in the evening, Commusoft will automatically check the overtime rate and record the labour cost appropriately. This ensures you have a record of the exact job costs and that it is included on the invoice. Even if the same job occurred across multiple labour rates, Commusoft will accurately calculate the exact total.

Schedule with user shifts in mind

The diary will visually reflect each engineer’s shift pattern. White represents available slots where jobs can be booked, yellow for overtime slots, and grey for unavailable times, ensuring that office staff know when they should and shouldn’t be scheduling engineers. By joining diary management and shift patterns, you can reduce scheduling clashes and improve employee satisfaction by always keeping unique shift patterns in mind, no matter how many staff you have.

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