Improve compliance by monitoring service level agreements

Nobody likes it when service level agreements are not met - customers are left frustrated and businesses may be required to pay hefty penalties. Rigorous tracking of SLAs can result in higher attainment rates and more loyal customers. Commusoft provides oversight of your SLAs with clear monitoring tools to ensure staff don't let them breach.

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Service level agreements in Commusoft

Commusoft puts SLA countdowns on the job screen, so staff can easily see how long they have to complete certain tasks. By putting this data directly within your field service management software, it's almost impossible to miss, ensuring you consistently meet your SLAs. Unlike other software, which offers "SLA features" that don't actually track SLAs, Commusoft's service level agreements are tied into your customers' service contracts and can easily be monitored and reported on.

Give staff the best tools to manage service level agreements

Improve compliance

Regularly meeting service level agreements is important to retain existing customers and can also help win new contracts. Take your SLA attainment rate to the next level and see the benefits.

Notify automatically

If an SLA is close to breaching, staff can receive automatic reminders to let them know. You control exactly when these notifications send, so your team can have time to respond and stop that breach.

Track breaches

Sometimes breaching an SLA is unavoidable. When it does happen, you need to be able to look back and understand what happened. Commusoft saves SLA records, allowing you analyse performance.

SLAs monitoring

Watch SLAs count down

Put service level agreement data directly in front of your office staff. SLAs are colour-coded to make them easy to interpret and feature a live countdown showing the time tick by, so your team doesn’t accidentally miss an SLA. This approach to managing service level agreements is simple, but effective, providing transparency and accountability for your staff. With automatic notifications, even the busiest teams can’t lose track of an SLA.

Customising SLAs

Customise SLAs to your needs

You may wish to use an SLA outside of a contract. To do this, an SLA can be assigned directly to a customer and can even have additional criteria, e.g. only apply to high priority jobs. One service level agreement can include multiple metrics and the time to breach can be customised for each of those. Additionally, notifications can be set to trigger at specific times to inform the neccessary people with a personalised email.

Gain insight with SLA reporting

Customers expect a high SLA attainment rate from the companies they work with. Being able to tell prospective customers that your business has consistently met 98% of SLAs (and you can back it up with a report) is guaranteed to impress. With accurate service level agreement monitoring and history, you can delight current customers and win even more contracts.

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