Purchase orders for field service businesses

Commusoft provides an easy-to-use workflow that allows you to convert parts into a purchase order, then into a supplier invoice. All of this documentation can be linked to jobs, meaning you’ll never lose track of your purchases again.

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With thousands of parts and hundreds of assets it’s easy to lose track of which purchase order is for which job, that’s why Commusoft takes care of this for you using the purchase order system. From requesting parts to raising purchase orders and supplier invoices, Commusoft handles everything.

Keeping parts, POs and invoices organised

Anytime, anywhere

Commusoft lets you create purchase orders from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. You can create these with or without an internet connection, meaning it’s perfect anytime, anywhere

Search and track easily

Commusoft automatically assigns a unique purchase order number, making it easy to search for a particular PO. From here you can also turn the PO into an invoice or click through to the relevant linked job.

Link purchase orders to jobs

It’s important to keep accurate track of your business costs. Commusoft goes one step further by enabling you to link your expenses directly to jobs. This means you can keep accurate information about the profitability of each job.


Get an insight into profitability

By issuing purchase orders you are better able to track your company’s expenses, keeping control of your costs and managing suppliers more effectively. With Commusoft’s purchase order management system, it is really simple.

Parts management software ordering parts

Track the status of parts with purchase orders

Having the right parts to hand means quicker jobs, simpler installs and happier customers. Commusoft has made the process of ordering and requesting parts incredibly simple, from adding the parts to a job, creating a purchase order, and emailing the supplier with a few simple clicks.


Simple PO creation

Creating an extensive purchase order is easy in Commusoft with just a few simple steps. You can convert existing parts from a job into a purchase order, or start fresh with a blank form. Parts can be taken from your pre-existing database, or you can manually type items. All purchase orders have spreadsheet functionality, so you can copy data down a column or undo actions with keyboard shortcuts.

Supplier invoice

Converting to invoices

Commusoft provides an easy-to-use workflow that allows you to convert a purchase order into a supplier invoice. The system even lets you upload a copy of your invoice for later reference.

Stock Control devices

After the purchase order is complete

Commusoft offers an all-in-one solution that covers the entire stock and parts workflow. Once a purchase order has been raised and fulfilled by the supplier, the stock control system can then manage everything from check-in of parts to engineer pickup.

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