The simple way to create job estimates

Creating clear, detailed estimates is a huge part of running a successful field service business. With Commusoft’s job management software, you can centralise, speed up, and streamline the entire process, right from the initial meeting through to accepting the quote.

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It’s been proven over and over that professional estimates are a great way to win new customers and increase revenue. Your engineers will love the simplicity of Commusoft’s quoting software.

Professional job estimates in minutes, from anywhere

Create estimates onsite

With professional job management software, your engineers can produce engaging estimates using their mobile device while at the customer property

Attach images and videos

Need to grab a photo or video of the proposed location for that new installation? You can capture it through the Commusoft app and store it alongside the estimate.

Get immediate approval

As soon as estimates have been completed, you can get them approved with a digital signature onsite, so you can move on to booking the job right away

Estimate software templates

Save time with estimate templates

Every business will have a few jobs that seem to come up time and time again when customers are requesting estimates. Without templates, you’ll find yourself typing out the same information dozens of times. Commusoft allows you to create professional estimate templates through the web app that your engineer can pick from on site.

Estimates software options

Provide options for estimates

There’s almost always a couple of different ways to get a job done, whether it be with different parts or with different methods. Many customers like to hear what their options are. Commusoft allows your engineers to create multiple estimate options and send them all at once for approval or rejection. For example, you could send 3 differently priced estimates, offering a budget, standard, and high end service.


Automatically convert estimates into jobs

Why spend time copying over estimate information and setting up a new event when job management software can do it all automatically? As soon as the customer has approved the estimate with a digital signature, it will convert into a live job. All the details will be copied over to the engineer’s job sheet so they can get to work.

Financial reporting and analytics profit report

Ensure the profitability of your jobs

When an engineer creates an estimate, they can specify the costs of both labour and parts (with the appropriate price markup) so you can check the profitability of a potential job. Don’t worry, uour customer won’t have access to the cost breakdown when they receive the estimate for approval.


Include parts with your estimates

Ensure that estimates are as complete and as accurate as possible by including the exact parts you’ll be using in the job. By sending price requests to suppliers, you can get the best possible prices for your business and be in control of your profit margins. With our estimate parts portal, you can see prices the moment your suppliers provide them, even without being logged in to the app. Managing your estimates has never been easier.


Let customers accept estimates online

Tired of following up your estimates and chasing deposits? With Commusoft’s online estimates portal, your customers can respond to and accept estimates with a few easy clicks, straight from their email. If there is an initial deposit due you can even take the payment right there and then.

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