Invoicing and payment tracking tools for field service

Prepare professional invoices in moments whether you're in the office, on site, or on the go, plus with payment tracking, you can monitor customer debt across all your accounts. Commusoft's invoicing tools have been designed especially for modern field service companies, enabling you to stay on top of cash flow and revenue streams.

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Commusoft's online invoicing is simple to use and lets you create great-looking invoices with ease. Whether you are looking to raise a partial or final invoice, automate communications, accept payments online, or track debt - our invoicing tools can do it all.

Easy online invoicing from anywhere

Save time and resources

Having intuitive invoicing software means you can raise invoices in record time. There’s no need to wait for office staff - your engineers can invoice directly from the job site.

Streamline processes

With Commusoft’s invoicing and payment tracking, you can streamline all of your financial processes, from quickly sending out invoices, to tracking debtors.

Greater organisation

Centralising all your records and documents in one comprehensive system improves organisation across your whole business, letting you focus on growing profits instead of chasing paperwork.

Edit invoice categories

Complete freedom

Invoices can be generated from any device, at any time, in any location. Free up time for your office staff by allowing engineers to raise invoices onsite as soon as a job is complete. Keep them organised by creating invoice categories and invoice item categories so you can provide a clear, full breakdown of costs.


Provide multiple invoices for a job

We understand that every job is different. Only being able to invoice for a job once can be constraining and means you’re forced to run your business in a way that might not make sense for you. Commusoft allows you to create multiple partial invoices so that you can charge separately for deposits, retention fees and more. Just send out the final invoice when you’re ready for the last charge.


Professional branded documents

A lot of small-business invoicing software expects you to put up with one-size-fits-all documents. If you want to project a professional image, there’s nothing better than attractive, branded invoices created with your logos, accreditations, and brand colours. It only takes a few moments to set up your branding and is a great way to instil brand awareness with your customers.

Invoicing email setup

Multiple ways to contact customers

Nowadays we conduct much of our lives online, so it makes sense to give your customers their invoices online too. That’s why we generate PDF documents for you to instantly email out. You can even set up email templates for common invoice types to save more time. Want a more efficient online method to send invoices? We offer an online invoicing portal that allows customers to receive, accept, and pay their invoice online – it doesn’t get better than that!


Keep track of debt

Commusoft’s invoicing and payment tracking software allows you to monitor all your debtors through a handy report. Organise and customise your report with your desired columns and apply filters for more in depth analysis and insight. You can also view a hover-over bubble containing a breakdown of any monies owed on customer property pages. You’ll always know exactly who needs chasing for payment.

Invoicing and payment tracking: payment charges

Take control of your payments

There are so many payment methods that you might wish to accept. Some companies these days have even begun accepting cryptocurrency! Because of this, Commusoft allows you to add any payment method you wish and assign payments made against a job. You can even apply a custom charge to any of them, for example, processing fees. Your customer will receive the charge in a separate invoice so there’s no confusion.

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