Let customers pay their invoice online

Giving customers convenient ways to pay invoices improves cash flow and reduces non-payments. Commusoft's online invoice portal provides exactly that, allowing payment with a just few clicks, straight from their email.

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Don't allow slow payers to choke up your business. You've done all the work, paying for both the labour and the parts, now it's time to get paid. The invoice portal gives you an easy way to send customers their invoice and provides them with a quick and easy way to pay. The invoice portal also reduces your admin burden, automatically keeping records in the Commusoft database, and saving you the time of taking payments over the phone.

Helping you get paid in a timely manner

Save time

Chasing customers for any reason is a labour intensive process for your office staff. Save time and resources by using software that allows customers to quickly pay invoices.

Easy payment

Have your customers pay online with their credit or debit card as soon as they have received their invoice. Gone are the days of manually taking payments over the phone.

Instant records

Stop spending your life entering records. Commusoft tracks and records the entire invoicing process and simply lets you know when your invoice is paid.


Take your invoicing online

We have already established great features for invoicing, such as PDF attachments and automated emailing. However, the invoice portal takes it to the next level. Customers can quickly view the invoice portal by simply clicking the link in the email you sent. The invoice displays all the needed information and can have no breakdown, be broken down by category, or have a full breakdown. The customer can see exactly what they owe and choose to pay it straight away.


Let customers pay wherever they are

These days, we all have our phones on us most of the time. So wherever your customers can receive emails – they can also pay their bills. Whether that’s at the beach, on top of a mountain, or simply on their sofa in front of the telly. Slow paying customers can frustrate any business, so give your customers convenient and fast ways to pay. Your customers and your bank balance will thank you.

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