An intelligent custom security system for your field service business

Take full control of your sensitive data and customer information with a custom security system. It allows you to edit and assign various levels of access to individual job management software users or create rules for groups.

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Custom security set up

With seven levels of preset security access ranging from limited read-only access to full read-write access, you’re sure to find an appropriate option when adding new users.

Set up custom security rules for your staff

Greater control

With a full overview of exactly who has access to what in your business, you can take control of all your business-critical data and better define roles within your company

Secure records

Having paper records all over the office is hardly a secure file system. Having digital data and custom security rules helps restrict access to sensitive information

Legally compliant

Data security and private files are required by variety of national and international statutes and rules. Commusofts custom security feature helps you stay compliant

Keep your data secure

An easy-to-use security system lets you provide the right access to the right people in your business. Commusoft gives you up to 7 different security options when setting up new users ranging from limited read-only access to full read-write access. Whether you’re a small company wanting to limit your engineers’ access to confidential information, or a large enterprise wanting to assign specific custom security preferences to specific people, Commusoft’s smart security system will keep your business-critical data safe. It is also important to remember that data security and privacy aren’t just a nice-to-have. They are required by various national and international legal and industry mandates and you have a general duty of care to customers and employees. Commusoft gives you the tools to ensure that you are compliant on data protection.

Fully customisable security

Commusoft’s security system has an incredibly powerful customisable security system designed for enterprise clients that want to take full control over what their staff can see and do. If the standard 7 security levels don’t suit your business we will help you to customise them to suit your exact requirements.

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